Welcome to Longhorn Meat Co.

October 4, 2018 / General
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Welcome to Longhorn Meat Co.

Welcome to Longhorn Meat Co. We’ve been the local butcher shop of choice for Auburn and the surrounding areas for 40 years. Since our doors first opened in 1976, our family owned and operated artisan butcher shop has been hand-cutting meats the old-fashioned way, a practice that we proudly continue today.

Over the years, we’ve discovered the best suppliers for the highest quality meats. We hand choose the best of the best from the local ranches, fairs, farms, and suppliers in our region. Taking the time to choose meats that are the highest quality, regionally sourced, sustainably raised, all natural, and grass fed is always worth it.

At Longhorn, we don’t take shortcuts. All of our beef is dry-aged to perfection: a practice that gently and slowly coaxes out an incredible tenderness and unsurpassed flavor from every bone-in cut. The art of dry-aging takes time, but the results are undeniably delicious.

Inside our Auburn store, we carry a wide variety of our premium, artisan cut meats daily. Our meat selection includes handmade sausages, poultry, pork, and beef ready for your dinner table. And when you have a different menu in mind, we have the buffalo, elk, venison, rabbit, lamb, crocodile, and other exotic meats you can’t find at the local mega-market.

Longhorn Meat Co. will expertly process your meat from the hunt or the farm. Combining our state-of-the-art equipment with the age-old art of hand-cutting, our artisan butchering techniques make us the go-to destination for butchering services.

If you need some flavor inspiration, our private label marinades, sauces, and spice mixes are always in high-demand and fully stocked at the store. We are happy to recommend recipes and give advice on the best way to cook every cut.

A lot has changed in the past four decades, but one thing has not: Longhorn Meat Co. is still the butcher shop of choice for Placer county residents who want the best quality, best tasting, and most skillfully cut meat for their dinner table.

From our family to yours: Welcome to Longhorn Meat Co.